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Subject: Gay Campground 63By jarbear1974yahoo.com. Write me and let me know what you think. I answer
all emails. Also, I have a layout of the campground as I see it when I
write the chapters. If you would like one to go along with the chapters as
you read them, just ask and Free Preteen Tube I'll email you a copy. I Free Preteen Tube keep an outline of
the chapters & list of characters as I go to use as reference so I don't
get mixed up. If you'd like an outline, let me know. After every five
chapters, I would recomment you ask for an updated outline as I add to it
after every chapter.The next biker stepped out and as we walked towards the crates, I spoke
first, "Back here for a good fuck, huh?""Yep," was all he said.So I crawled up on the crates on my hands and knees, stuck my ass out to
him and unzipped the ass zipper. "Go to it, then."And he did. Again I was surprised. I thought there would be variety like
the others, but not this one. He pulled out his cock, gave it a few
strokes to get it hard, then slid it in. It seemed that he was a very "get
down to business" type of guy. When his cock slid Free Preteen Tube in, it really didn't
bother me because I had been fucked so many times that evening, my asshole
was practically gaping open.As he was fucking along, he finally spoke up, "I feel my buds' cumloads in
there. I'm not sure I like the feeling of my cock sloshing around in
someone else's cum.""I don't know what to tell you. But no matter when you fuck me, there'll
probably always be a load or two in me because it seems like I'm always
getting fucked one way or another.""Doesn't that bother you?" he asked while continuing to fuck me.I wasn't use to having a normal conversation while being fucked. Is this a
new social norm or something? Oh well, might as well go along with the
flow. "No it doesn't," I answered, "I'm gay and I'm very sexual. I guess
I'm addicted to sex and will have it any way I can get it.""How did the other guys perform that you already had today?""I don't think it's my place to tell. You'll have to ask them. I would
refuse to say anything about your performance if anyone asked me about
yours. It's this thing we gays have. We don't reveal anything about
anyone else. You have to find out for yourself. It's a trust factor we
have for each other.""Oh, I see," he said, "You won't tell anyone about me then.""That's right. The only way they find out about you is if, for example,
you meet at my campground; Free Preteen Tube
or if you meet in a gay bar or a gay cruising
area. I am trusted and I plan to keep it that way. I would never report
my activities to anyone else that would get my partners in trouble.""So, no matter what I tell you about myself, you wouldn't tell anyone
else.""It's nobody else's business but yours and mine. That's why my campground
does so well. It's nobody's business out here as to what happens in
there.""What happens if anyone sneeks in to attempt to blackmail someone?""I'm not afraid of who I am. So if I found out someone was attempting that
to any of my campers, I would threaten them with blackmail in return.""So it seems like Free Preteen Tube
you've got it all figured out," he said as he continued
to fuck me."I don't know. I do the best I can. I try to run an honest business and
be good to everyone. If I can do that, then I'm satisfied. By the way,
what is it you want to tell me about yourself?""I'm not sure I want to tell you yet," he said as he began panting and
thrusting his cock into me harder.I tightened my ass muscles around his shaft as it continued to work like a
piston in me. Sure enough, he shot and added his cum to the loads that
were already in me. When he finally got his wind and relaxed, he pulled
out of me. He stuffed his cock back in his pants, snapped, zipped up and
buckled up.As he began to walk away, I called out, "By the way, there's going to be a
biker's weekend at my campground in a couple of weeks. I just thought I'd
let you know if you're interested.""Is it all gay guys there?""What do you think? Interested?"He didn't answer but knocked on the door and entered Free Preteen Tube when Jack opened it.
Jack looked at me for a sign I just shrugged my shoulders.The Free Preteen Tube next biker that walked out the door was excited. He looked back to
make sure the door was shut. As we walked to the crates where all the
action had been happening, he was stripping on the way. With his
excitement as well as stripping, he certainly got my attention. "I've been
looking forward to a fucking opportunity like this," he said, "With no one
looking, I can do what I want. No one's gonna find out, right? Hey guy,
you gonna strip down with me?"Kind of taken aback by his excitement and automatic stripping, I responded,
"Well, I guess I could." He was already naked by the time I had just
gotten started. He stood there stroking his cock watching me until I was
naked in front of him. After a pause, I said, "Well, what now?""What happens here is between us, is that right?""You're right. I don't sex and tell.""Well, I've been with some guys. I've had my share of cock suckin and ass
fuckin as well as getting fucked. I really like it.""Ok, so now I know about you. Big deal. I won't tell. So -- what Free Preteen Tube are you
getting at?""Well, I've had this fantasy, but I guess it won't happen this time.""What's that?" I asked, feeling kind of uneasy; us two standing there naked
just talking."Never had a chance having sex with a bunch of guys. Um, what do you call
it? Orgies?""I guess we all call it that," I answered. This biker was a little
different in attitude from the other bikers."I've read about it," he continued, "and seen some vids, but never
experienced it. Always wished I did. It looks like a lotta fun.""If I made that happen now, would you be willing? I know of a couple of
guys who might be willing to join us. You probably know who they are. I
know they're gay -- it's just if they're willing for me to expose them to
you -- and expose you to them. If you trust me, would you be willing? We
can have an orgy right here, right now. What do you think?"He paused for a moment, then said, "Sure. I want it. I want it now. I
want it right here.""Ok. You have to trust me for now. I'll have to blindfold you, but only
for a little bit. If they don't want to join in, I don't want you to know
who they are." I picked up his shirt, blindfolded him with it, led him to
the far corner of the lot and had him stand there facing away from the
dumpster. I then walked back to the dumpster and went behind it where Trey
and Joe were hiding. They were siting on boxes, waiting for their cue.
They were surprised to see me -- especially naked -- and they stood up.I spoke softly, "Did you see this last guy that came out to join me?""Yeah, we know him," said Joe, "He's Andy. Great guy. What's up?""He told me he was gay and he has a request. He want's an orgy. He's
willing for me to expose him to you. But I have him blindfolded so that
you aren't exposed to him unless you want him to know. You guys want to
join Andy and me for a quick four-way?"Trey looked at Joe, "I'm willing if you are. Andy admits he's gay and he
wants to know us.""Sounds great to me," Free Preteen Tube Joe responded, "Let's go and have fun!"They followed me from behind the dumpster and over to the crates. We
quietly stripped, then made our way towards Andy. We first surrounded him,
then began feeling his body. We kept him blindfolded as we began the orgy
he had fantasized about.Trey got on his knees behind Andy, and with his hands, gently parted his
ass cheeks. He pushed his face in and began his rim job. Joe got on his
knees in front of Andy, took hold of his cock, gave it a few strokes, then
quickly engulfed it in his mouth to the base. I straddled Joe, being in
front, facing Andy. I took his head in my hands and gently pulled his face
towards me. I began with a light kiss, then gave a longer one. Then I
gave a deeper one, slipping my tongue into his mouth. We then did a
delightful tongue dance as our lips massaged each other. As we did, Andy
reached up to me and took my face in his hands. Though he didn't know who
he was kissing, he was passionate in his response.When we felt we had sufficient time working on him, Trey and Joe stood up
in front of Andy. I then slowly removed the blindfold. Andy blinked a
couple of times, adjusting to the light, looked at me, and then at Trey and
Joe. He let out a big smile and said, "I was hoping you guys were gay.
Some were suspicious, but didn't know for sure."Andy looked at me and at the same time, reached out and stroked my cock.
He bent over in front of me and began sucking. I pulled out my poppers,
took some huffs and then passed it around to Trey and Joe who helped
themselves to it. I pulled Andy back up to standing position, held the
bottle under each nostril as he breathed in deep each time.I led him to the crate pile and Andy and I bent over a couple of crates
facing each other. Trey stood behind Andy Free Preteen Tube and Joe stood behind me. As
Andy and I helped ourselves to more poppers, our asses were filled with
their cocks that were straining to release their loads. Trey and Joe had
been watching the sex I was having with the bikers and had gotten so filled
with sexual intensity, that it was all they could do to keep from jumping
out and joining in the activity. Of course they were willing to join in on
this four-way orgy.As our asses were being pummeled, Andy and I kissed each other some more.
Then as we continued facing each other, I asked Andy with a smile, "Well,
what do you think of this four-way?""It's great! I didn't know that I could enjo an orgy like this! It makes
me want to have more and bigger groups.""Well, you can get them at the campground. In a few weeks we'll be having
a gay biker weekend and I know you'll have a great time there.""Just let me enjoy this fuck for now," said Andy. And then he closed his
eyes and groaned with satisfaction. "I didn't know this fuckin around with
other buds could be so much fun!"I stood up and Joe pulled out of me. Stroking my cock, I turned to Joe and
said, "I think we need to have Andy experience a gangbang.""Good idea," replied Joe. So we walked around and joined Trey behind Andy.
When we got our cocks hard again, Trey stepped back and let Joe step up.
Joe's cock slid in easily because Trey's cock had lubed Andy's ass well
with precum and the poppers really loosened up his ass. Joe rode him a
while, then stepped back and let me step up so that I could have a good
fuck with him.Trey and Joe were standing there watching me and as the reader knows, I
enjoy being watched. As a result the cum began churning in my balls and
before I knew it, I was shooting a load up Andy's ass. As soon as I got my
wind back, I pulled out, stepped back and let Trey step back up. Trey was
ready to go and immediately began pounding Andy's ass hard with his
fucking. Quickly, Trey let out a gasp and gave a final shove of his cock
all the way up Andy. I knew then Trey was spraying Andy's insides with his
cum.Then poor Joe -- after all that was happening, he barely got his cock up
Andy's ass when he shot. When he pulled out, I immediately got on my knees
at Andy's ass and sucked out all the cum I could get, filling my mouth.
While on my knees, I had Andy turn around and I spit the cumloads all over
Andy's cock until it was literally dripping the cum. I opened my mouth and
swallowed Andy's cock -- cum and all. As I was giving Andy the best
blowjob I could, Trey's and Joe's cum went down my throat as I sucked. As
Andy was going wild with sexual ecstacy his cock popped its load down my
throat.When it was all over, we sat on the crates for a moment, getting our
thoughts together. Then Andy spoke up, "Well, Bob, how did you know about
Trey and Joe and how did you find them so easy to join us?"I don't think it's my place to tell. I'm telling you like I'm telling
everyone else: I don't give out private information about anyone. Privacy
is important. If Trey and Joe want to tell you, that's their business.Andy turned and looked at them. Joe stammered, "Well, uh, we went to the
campground a couple of times Free Preteen Tube and met Bob there. Tonight, Bob met us before
he entered the salloon. He knew where to find us.""Well, you guys weren't very far off. In fact, when I was waiting, I
didn't hear the back door open and close."Trey spoke up, "We were in the leather store next door and Bob went through
the back gate to the back door and got us there.""You tell me he trotted over there naked? I know he couldn't get dressed
that fast.""The back side of the store is fenced in too. No one could notice Bob
going over.""What did the leather shop owner do when he answered the door and saw Bob
naked?" Andy asked.Even though I appreciated Trey and Joe lying while answering the questions,
I decided to step in on this one and not get Jake in trouble. "Jake is the
type of guy who doesn't ask questions," I said. "All kinds of people enter
his shop and he accepts them as they are. Nothing surprises him.""And Jake knew we were in the store when he answered the knock on the back
door," Joe interrupted, "He said, 'There's a naked guy at the back door
who's asking for you guys. Free Preteen Tube You better go see what he wants -- but don't
let him in the store.' So we went to see him and here we are.""What's going on here?" I asked Andy, "Are you suspicious of us? If you
are, I assure you we're not out to cause trouble for anyone. I run a
clean, safe campground and what I do in public is a reflection of my
business. I promise you, there's no problems here.""I understand," replied Andy. He thought for a moment, then said, "Now
since I know about Trey and Joe, wouldn't it be neat to know if there were
any other gay guys in the salloon?"Trey, Joe and I looked at each other. I spoke next, "Well, in a few weeks
we will be having a gay bikers weekend. Come to the campground for the
weekend and maybe you'll find out. I know you'll have a great time -- Free Preteen Tube and
you might be surprised."We then got dressed and as we walked away from the crates, Trey and Joe
headed for the dumpster. Joe spoke up, "We'll see you later, Andy -- maybe
at the campground. We're heading back to the leather store. Don't knock
on the door 'til we're out of sight. Nobody else knows about us. We're
keeping it a secret like you."When they were out of sight, Andy knocked on the door. Jack opened it to
let him in. I gave the slight nod and then held up my hand indicating to
Jack to wait. He closed the door and I walked back to the dumpster. Kevin
and Joe were back in position, waiting for the next biker. "Well, what do
you think so far?" I asked."We're beginning to wonder if almost all the guys are gay," answered Trey,
"Which is ok with us.""Yes, I'm surprised, too. When this is over, Jack is going to have to meet
with us so we can discuss how to handle this. I want to make sure they
understand that we're not out to cause trouble or blackmail them." Then I
sighed, "Well, ready for the next one?""We're ready," replied, Joe, "Are YOU ready?""As I'll ever be." and I headed for the door and knocked Free Preteen Tube on it. Jack
opened the door and let the next biker out.
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